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    Criteria of applications for Scholarship of the VISÃKHÃ FOUNDATION

    (1) Any Myanmar citizen irrespective of race religion, sex and place of residence.

    (2) Passed 9th Standard and Basic High School Examination.

    (3) Age between 18 to 30 years.

    (4) Possess good character.

    (5) Endorsed by relevant authorities on the state of being orphaned or poor.

    (6) Depending on their interest will be enrolled into relevant vocational trainings or on job hands on training

    (7) The following documents must be submitted with the application.

    . A copy of citizenship registration card (NRC)
    . A copy of Household registration
    . An endorsement letter from the ward/village authority from place of residence
    . An endorsement letter from the local police station on clearance of criminal records
    . The certificate of matriculation for Basic High School and a copy of gradies certificate.
    . Two passport size photographs taken within the last six month

    (8) Applicants will be screened and personal interviews will be conducted.

    (9) Successful applicants will have to sign a pledge (undertaking) for attending the training.

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