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    VISÃKHÃ FOUNDATION has Three Types of Membership.

    Permanent Member
    Annual Member
    Associate Member

    The members of the foundation shall possess common philanthropic spirit and work together unitedly to successfully achieve the common goals and objectives.

    Current Total no of members: 131
    Yangon – 105
    Mandalay – 26
    Age Group of members : <35 and >35 Years


    Any women, irrespective of race or religion can be either a permanent member or annual member.
    Permanent member is referred to a Life time member
    Annual member is referred to a member who is committed to one year and based on their interest will continue to be a member by submitting member fees annually.
    – An annual member can carry out tasks assigned by the executive board and has the right to vote and can attend the meetings of the Foundation.
    – An annual member has access to meeting minutes, information and financial statements of the foundation.
    – After completion of one year as an annual member of the Foundation, one can continue as an annual member or as permanent member, as desired
    Example : If one wishes to become a permanent member, the first year’s annual membership fee only additional will be required to be paid in as permanent member fees which can be in two installments.
    Permanent and Annual members will be issued with membership smart cards but associate members will be given a certificate of appreciation.

    Associate Member

    There are 3 categories of associate members.
    i. Associate member by donation
    The member just makes a donation but does not participate in the activates
    of the foundation.
    ii. Honorary Associate Member
    The member participates in the activities of the Foundation
    iii. International Donors/Partners
    Contributions by international partners.


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      Date of Birth

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      N.R.C No.

      Material Status

      Current Occupation

      Previous Occupation

      Contact Phone Number

      Email Address

      Type of Membership

      Contact Address


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