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    Aims of Organization

    Aiming to support the overall development in health, education, socioeconomic status of the underprivileged especially orphans residing within Myanmar irrespective of where they reside, race and religion, VISÃKHÃ FOUNDATION will support enrollment into vocational training programs.


    To support the underprivileged and orphans residing within Myanmar irrespective of where they reside, race and religion creating opportunity by enrolling them into vocational training, equipping them with livelihood skills, raising hope and enabling them to lead fulfilling lives and contributing towards reduction of poverty in the Country.

    Implementing Activities

    (1) To identify and recruit underprivileged children of disadvantaged backgrounds and give them the opportunity to attend vocational training programs.
    (2) To seek for employment opportunities, promising jobs and reducing poverty thereby improving their living standard and socioeconomic development.
    (3) To promote not only their physical, mental and socioeconomic development but also building good characters and become good contributors for economic development of the Country.

    Logo of the organization

    The logo of the organization is as shown below and is permitted to be displayed at places related to the organization’s activities.

    Explanation for the logo

    VISÃKHà is in Pali language and “VI” means “unique and plentiful”. “SÃKHÔ means “branches in a mesh or web”. Thus VISÃKHà means “many children resembling a unique mesh or web of branches”.
    The banyan leaf in the logo denotes the full moon day of the month of Kason which is the zodiac symbol of VISÃKHÃ.
    The 8 levels of the banyan leaf is the symbol representing the 8 noble truths and the victory over “eight evils” by the Lord Buddha.
    The colour of banyan leaf is violet which is the colour of the flower of the water hyacinth, known as “Be dar” that always floats on water, resolutely withstanding all forms of turbulence or difficulties.
    The symbol of three human figurs at the centre of the logo represents helping each other in partnership and the colour yellow denotes the colour of the Buddhist religion.

    Helping Hands ……..

    Better Lives ……..

    Brighter future ……..


    Sept 15
    1. Founded
    2. HCA – 5 Students
    Dec 15
    1. HCA – 25 Students
    March’ 16
    1. HCA- 50 Students
    2. Hair Care – 2 Students
    May’ 16
    1. Hair Care – 6 Students
    2. Sewing – 18 Students
    3. HCA – 35 Students
    4. Security – 10 Students
    Jun 21
    1. Security – 21 Students
    Jun 16
    1. HCA – 15 Students

    HCA – Health Care Assistant Training 115
    Hair Care – Hair Care Training – 8
    Sewing – Sewing Training – 18
    Security – Security Training – 10

    Organization Structure of VISAKHA FOUNDATION


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